Our Core Values


At Kinship, our values guide everything we do. We foster a community where everyone is equal, authenticity is celebrated, and personal growth is a collective journey. Here’s what we stand for and what you can expect when you join us.

We Welcome Everyone, But We’re Not For Everyone

At Kinship, everyone is on equal footing, regardless of titles or backgrounds. We celebrate our differences, respect diverse backgrounds, and keep an open mind to learn from everyone’s unique stories and experiences.

We Leave Our Best Selves At Home

When you don’t have to be “someone” for everyone else, who are you really? At Kinship, you can drop the act and unleash your true self - and be met with a safe space. The science is real: when we share how we really are, it reduces anxiety and increases our well-being. So: participate fully with your realest, rawest self.

We Believe in Human Potential, Starting With You

Come as you are, but be ready to grow. Together, we strive for continuous improvement, aiming for 1% growth every day as we embark on a journey to become our best selves.

We Honor Each Other

We are present & engaged in each session - and we all benefit as a result. We value every story, voice, and identity. We never judge or preach. Compassion is our compass. We give grace, embrace conflicting emotions, and love unconditionally.

We Have Faith In Ourselves, Each Other & Something Greater

Our unwavering belief in humanity defines Kinship. We have faith in ourselves, in each other, and in a higher purpose. All beliefs are honored here as we explore deeper meanings together.

We Question The Norm

Kinship is a safe space to voice your doubts, challenge the status quo, and ask your toughest questions, knowing you’re not alone. We celebrate the diverse tapestry of humanity without imposing a set of beliefs.

We Ripple On

At Kinship’s core is our collective community - it’s in our name. We navigate life’s twists and turns together. Yet the growth doesn’t stop at the end of the session. When you grow and reach your potential, you show up for others and help them on their journey. We carry the insights and growth from Kinship into our world, becoming catalysts for change in our communities.

By joining our community, you agree to uphold these values and contribute to our collective growth and well-being.