The Safest Place to Be Yourself.

The Safest Place to Be Yourself.

Share what’s on your mind and feel supported by people who understand you. With uplifting talks and facilitated small group discussions, Kinship sessions are designed to help you feel better instantly.

the Kinship Experience

Connect with Others

We get it: finding your people is hard. We’ll connect you to others with similar life experiences who crave real connection, just like you.

Explore Your Feelings

You can only grow so much alone. Share your story and make sense of your feelings in conversation with others.

Feel Better, Together

Give and receive kindness and support in real time. Leave each session feeling a little bit lighter and more uplifted than before.

Encouraging Talks

Listening to others’ stories gives us perspective. Sharing our own helps to validate our feelings and realize our shared human experience.

Guided Small Groups

Community guidelines create a safe space for real conversation. And our trained facilitators guide the discussion with thoughtful prompts.

Community Support

Send live reactions, show your support, kindle connections, and leave feeling a little lighter and more uplifted each time.

Here's How It Works

A screenshot of the Kinship experience, showing the session detail page.
A screenshot of the Kinship experience, showing the session detail page.A screenshot of the Kinship experience, showing a video session led by one of our speakers.A screenshot of the Kinship experience, showing a breakout session where members talk with each other.

Join a session

RSVP to join a session – just as you are. We welcome all the good, the bad, and the messy parts of you. With convenient sessions throughout the week, join from the comfort of your home any time you need a boost.


Listen to a talk

Get comfortable and start the session by listening to an uplifting opening talk from a relatable speaker sharing from their own life experience.


Discuss in groups

Then, get matched in a group of 6-8 people for a thoughtful discussion guided by a trained facilitator.

Real People.
Real Conversations.
Real Connections.

Don't just take it from us - hear from real users what their Kinship experience is like.

Why It Works

Helping you navigate life's highs, lows, and in-betweens.

A quote from one of our members, "I spend my money on a lot of things, but I would invest every dime in continuing this format of growing." - Gerald H

of people feel better after just one Kinship session.


of people rate their Kinship experience 5 stars.


of people say attending a Kinship session was worth their time.

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Want to Be a Facilitator?

Kinship Facilitators are essential for driving this movement towards reconnection by guiding our small groups.

More Info To Ease Your Mind

What is a Kinship session?

Kinship is a community platform hosting virtual sessions via video chat. Each session begins with an opening talk by a relatable speaker who shares from his or her own lived experience. Then, we use dynamic matching technology to place you into a small breakout group of 6-8 individuals and a trained facilitator who will guide your discussion with thoughtful prompts. It's a science-backed, community-centered way to feeling better that actually works. Interested? Join the waitlist and your first session’s on us!

How do I know this is a ‘safe’ experience?

Safety and privacy is at the core of our experience because you need to feel safe in order to feel comfortable opening up. Kinship sessions are never recorded, and you only use your first name or a nickname. None of your personal data is shared. Community guidelines are in place to maintain a welcoming space of non-judgment for you to come, relax, and just be yourself.

Can I join a session from my mobile phone?

You can RSVP on your phone but right now Kinship live sessions are only on desktop for the best experience for yourself & your group members.

What if I experience tech issues during a session?

While we hope you don't, should you experience any technical issues during the talk or small group, we have support staff at-the-ready. There is chat support available during the opening talk and, outside of that, you can always report an issue to

What if I can’t make it to a session, or something comes up?

Life happens – we get it. If possible, try to cancel your RSVP ahead of time. You won’t be penalized for missing a session, though, so don’t sweat it.

Can I connect with the people I’ve met during a small group?

You sure can! We’re constantly updating and improving the experience, and your ability to ‘friend’ people and connect outside of sessions is a highly requested feature. If you ever want to share feedback or suggest a new feature, please contact

Experience Kinship for Yourself

"Kinship is creating a safe space for people to share without fear of rejection, and just to connect with people." - Angela, 35